Memorial To Portland’s MAX Heroes



On Friday, May 26, 2017 on a Portland train, a man, allegedly Jeremy Joseph Christian, stabbed and killed two riders who had stood up to his verbal abuse of two young Muslim women.

Over the weekend and into this week, a memorial to the bravery of those two men — along with a third wounded victim — sprung up around the Hollywood/Northeast 42nd Avenue Transit Center where police responded to the attack. What follows is a series of Memorial Day pictures from the scene.

IMG_3079.JPG (1)IMG_3080.JPG (1)IMG_3081.JPGIM1IMG_3082.JPGIMG_3083.JPGIMG_3085.JPGIMG_3079.JPGFullSizeRender-3IMG_3090.JPGIMG_3084.JPGFullSizeRender-1IMG_3080.JPGIMG_3091.JPGIMG_3094.JPG

From the photographer:

I visited the memorial not only to pay my respects to the two people who passed away, but to also capture the amount of emotion, support, and love that the community has shown them.

My favorite pictures are probably the one of the mom and her daughter writing on the wall, as well as the one with the dad and his kids. It was a very powerful experience, and one that I will not forget.

As tragic as the incident was, the memorial is a beautiful reminder — both of how strong our community is, and of how love will always be greater than hate.

All photos by author.

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